Charcoal Chicken With Grilled Corn and Baby PotatoesFor incredible results and true charcoal chicken, you need to cook your chicken with lump charcoal. The natural wood flavours from the charcoal and our ‘chicken shop’ seasoning make for the tastiest roast chicken. If you don’t have a charcoal barbecue, don’t worry, this will still be a delicious roast chicken recipe to cook on any Weber barbecue.
Chinese Lamb Skewers (Xinjiang Style)These cumin, chilli lamb skewers are served by street vendors in Northern China. Traditionally, small pieces of lamb fat are threaded in-between the meat to make them extra juicy and flavoursome. It can be a little fiddly deboning the lamb forequarter chops, but they have the best fat to meat ratio for these skewers.
Roasted Beetroot SaladTender roast beef with crispy pancetta, sweet roasted garlic and a punchy teriyaki sauce. This roast beef will keep your taste buds interested with every mouthful.
Mediterranean Chicken And Mixed Vegetable GrillThis Mediterranean mixed grill is the perfect, easy, summer night dinner on the barbecue. Healthy, satisfying and most importantly full of flavour. Switch out the vegetables for any of your favourites; asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant, sweetcorn or more.
Dry-Rubbed Chicken WingsThese simple dry-rubbed chicken wings are coated with a delicious charcoal, roast chicken style, seasoning. Roasted until golden and crispy they are the perfect barbecue snack. If you are using a gas barbecue, try adding a smoker box with wood chips for an extra dimension of flavour.
Lamb and Goats Cheese BurgersThese burgers are a little bit fancy with the goat’s cheese and the store-bought beetroot relish, but just as quick and simple to make as the classic burger.
Tiramisu Roll Over PavlovaWhen you can’t decide between tiramisu or pavlova for dessert, make both into one incredible dessert! Soft sponge biscuits soaked in espresso and Kahlua, smothered in whipped mascarpone and wrapped in chewy and slightly crunchy meringue.
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